This is where we turn to meet our inner child who is looking for love and we give it to them.

ALL the love, presence, acceptance and acknowledgment that they didn’t get growing up.

We ALL need to know we are unconditionally loved just the way we are.

It’s just hard to get that from humans… so we can get it from our self or the Creator.

Relying on a human for unconditional love is… disappointing.

But you can strengthen this relationship to your self and heal

-childhood trauma
-Attachment issued
-Perpetrator-Victim-Savior Loop
-Higher state of worthiness
-Knowing you are whole and complete!

How are you returning home to your Self today?

I love holding my heart and looking in the mirror and telling myself “You are loved!” ❤️🌹❤️🌹

The journey truly starts here.



Lauren, founder of Love Angel Coaching

Lauren, founder of Love Angel Coaching

💜I help heart-centered humans heal and create new patterns of safety & belonging so they can truly thrive in sex, & love.