✨But I AM a Nice GUY! I don’t resonate with being a KING 👑

My Nice Guy post stirred up a lot of inquiry in men.

If you didn’t see it, check out my last post.

But it was about the journey of wholeness, healing and integration of the inner “Nice Guy” into a WILD KING 👑 lover… and this made some men feel uncomfortable.

That the KING 👑 was unattainable..

That if they are not able to embody that archetype all the time, then they’re less of a man.

Now, no one said “you have to be in this Wild King archetype ALL the time.”

It’s about having ACCESS to him.

You’re infinite! You have the entire universe within YOU!

Do you want to settle with just ONE vibration and ONE color and ONE way of experiencing S3X for the rest of your life?!

No! You came to have the full range of human experience, which includes all archetypes- denying one is denying access to your whole self.

It’s not about BEING in one 100% of the time it’s about expanding your color pallet to be able to express yourself with a broader range of colors, tones, and vibrations.

Now you can stay in your Nice Guy persona if you want to — but usually he doesn’t actually get what he wants.

He thinks he’s getting it, but if you’re running a coercive agreement to keep the love you have, then it’s not a service anyone.

The agreement is “I will do ALL of these things FOR YOU.. and show up 100% of the time.. I’ll become such a precious asset to you that you will never let me go. And in turn you will see me, love me and respect me.”

Codependency much?

But it’s not an agreement said out loud. It’s made by the part of your psyche that feels inadequate.

That people pleases… that bends and contorts himself in order to feel deserving of love.

Healing your inner nice guy is embracing the part of you that feels inadequate. It’s building a loving home for him to come back to no matter what- no amount of rejection can harm him ultimately — because he knows he is safe with you!

When you’re not people pleasing for approval, then a flood of energy returns to your body. To your Kingdom.

Now a KING does serve. He just serves from a place of wholeness ❤️

Feel the difference?



Lauren, founder of Love Angel Coaching

💜I help heart-centered humans heal and create new patterns of safety & belonging so they can truly thrive in sex, & love. http://www.awakenederos.com/