✨From Nice Guy to Wild King Lover✨


No More Hiding Under the Nice Guy Persona. 🤦‍♂️

Yes that’s right I said it… so many men have learned the behavior of being a “nice guy” in order to win the approval of the closest woman in his life.

And you would think it’s a good tactic… just keep my woman happy and do everything she wants and then I will be happy.

Except.. It’s coming from a distorted sense of self worth within you.

And she can sense that.

❌It’s not sexy to still be perpetuating a survival tactic you learned to please/not upset your own mother. ❌

Now you’re not WRONG for picking this up. Not having a strong father figure, then having an overbearing mother figure in one’s life is not uncommon.

You might not have had another option growing up than to appease your mother.

The problem is that it doesn’t work as an adult, and it severs your connection to your true Primal Power- Your Wild Man.

A volcano of s*xual arousal that connects you to the deepest part of your being. Of reality. Of the mystery.

To HER wild woman, who, when satiated will no longer nag at you.
Because her cells will be vibrating with the fulfillment of passion.
Her heart will burst open with nectarian love and radiance.
And You, when liberated from the Nice Guy persona, will be anchored in your Masculine Core so deeply that she cannot sway you.

➡️She can inspire you, and invite you.

After transforming the nice guy dynamic — you become a Wild King 👑 Lover ❤️

❌You’re no longer a pushover. ❌

You have clarity in vision, purpose, commitment and .. personal boundaries.

Meaning your worth and self esteem no longer depends on pleasing her. You GET to serve her from a full cup, not trying to appease her from a distorted wound…

And this will open up more authentic pleasure in the bedroom because you will be more attuned to your own desire, and therefore hers.

And when every crevice of her is penetrated by your authentic masculine presence and power…
Well.. that is true s*xy GOLD!
Curious to know your thoughts, or if you’ve reconciled with your inner Nice Guy- and integrated him with your 🌹Wild King Lover

All my love,

💜Empress Lauren 👑



Lauren, founder of Love Angel Coaching

💜I help heart-centered humans heal and create new patterns of safety & belonging so they can truly thrive in sex, & love. http://www.awakenederos.com/