✨The Journey from Erectile Dysfunction To Male Multiple Orgasms.✨

✨This is a delicate topic for men, as they never want to out right say there is an issue with their sacred friend (their cock).

✨Yet I had a lover who wasn’t always able to get hard, or stay hard, and he often felt ashamed if he couldn’t keep aroused.

✨What I realized then, is he needed my patience and compassion — to not judge him for this experience, but also to give him the faith and confidence that he wasn’t broken.

✨With loving patience, his cock began to trust him again, and heal, and he could even last as long as he wanted, and .. even have multiple orgasms, or energy orgasms.

✨It started with getting honest about his sexual habits, fantasy, and the amount of porn he watched.

✨He committed to stop watching porn, and to stop smoking pot.

✨Yes pot can be a silent killer for men’s sexual virility.

✨He was an inquisitive man, and he followed the simple practices I gave him.


✨He breathed with me.

✨He moved with me.

✨He was patient in approaching and receiving pleasure with me.

✨He entered the sexual experience with no expectations, other than to be deeply present with me.

✨Our love making was organic, natural, raw, primal and… tantric.

✨Pretty soon he was lasting as long as he wanted, and was able to stay hard until the love making experience was complete for us. Which was sometimes 20 minutes, sometimes hours…

✨His fear of not getting hard faded away as his confidence grew!

✨He stood taller, knowing he could please his woman, for as long as I wanted.

✨Eventually, he was able to separate orgasm from ejaculation and have energy orgasms.

✨It made our love making an adventure, always varied, always unfolding, and deeply satisfying.

✨I’ve made an audio meditation to overview the Tantric Sex Keys of Relaxation, Breath, Sound and Movement so you can last longer in bed.

If you’d like the foundational practice that I teach men, then email me at loveangelcoaching@gmail.com. and I will PM you the audio practice.

✨This simple yet effective sensual mediation will change the way you feel pleasure inside of you.

All my love,


🎆Tantric Love and Sex Coach for Men🎆



Lauren, founder of Love Angel Coaching

💜I help heart-centered humans heal and create new patterns of safety & belonging so they can truly thrive in sex, & love. http://www.awakenederos.com/