✨The Sensitivity and Awareness Which you carry a Woman’s Heart is much more important than how you carry a Woman’s Bags ✨


Now my loves this is a bit of a metaphor meaning your physical strength isn’t the most attractive thing to a woman who wants a spiritual relationship.

Physical strength might be an aspect that attracts her, but it will not keep an awakened woman in the long term.

What a woman is really looking for is how deeply, safely and cosmically can you carry her heart ♥️

Now you don’t need to save her or take the place of her own sovereign center.

But in sacred relationship, women are looking for a space of love that they can surrender into. Where they can completely let go and know they are held. They know their soul is safe with you. They know they are divinely protected in all ways in your presence.

The sensitivity and awareness with which you carry a woman’s heart is more important than how you carry her bags

So as much as you might place value on your physical strength, I would invite you to place more value on your own emotional attunement.

How well can you feel her? How deeply can you empathize with her? How centered can you stay in your witness energy when she is going through an emotional storm? And if needed, how sternly can you hold your own boundaries while staying connected to your own center?

This kind of awareness of heart ❤️ takes a warrior of love who is committed to deeply feeling himself, so he can feel another.

It means being intimate with your own pain, healing your own core wounds, developing a relationship to spirit, and perhaps journeying with plant medicines or studying with a shaman so you can navigate multiple realms.

Then the realms you can hold and navigate during love making are all that more cosmic. 🌌

The more she can plug into you as an anchor ⚓️ of divine love ❤️ from your root to your crown 👑 , the more she can open to the current of Eros during love making.

Mmm and tapping into Divine Eros is such a delicious, soul nourishing ingredient of love 💗

Curious how this lands 🙏

All my Love,
Lauren the Love Angel



Lauren, founder of Love Angel Coaching

💜I help heart-centered humans heal and create new patterns of safety & belonging so they can truly thrive in sex, & love. http://www.awakenederos.com/