Unshakeable Worthiness

✨When you’re in your Authentic Masculine core, your sense of worthiness is unshakeable. Because it comes from within you. ✨

You are worthy of all that you desire and all that is just for BEING.

But we don’t always feel that way…

You may have a childhood experience of not being loved and accepted for just the way you were.

You may have needed to contort, change or shift your personality in order to get the love and approval of your

❤️Mother ❤️

💙Your Father 💙

Or the absence of one of the above made you feel unworthy of having stable consistent love.

The imprint of neglect, (of not consistently getting your needs met as a child, including your emotional well being) can form the belief that:


So then it’s common for the male psyche to birth the NICE GUY PERSONA to be wanted, needed, appreciated and… LOVED.

Nice guys do everything you ask and then some- they would do anything to make the female in their life HAPPY.

Because deep down inside their inner child desperately NEEDS the love and approval from… his mother.

And, when a man does the inner child work to NO LONGER NEED THE APPROVAL FROM HIS MOTHER IN ORDER TO BE HIMSELF

His life changes!

He is no longer self sacrificing for his romantic partners to be loved.

He’s not jumping through hoops and over extending himself because he knows deep down inside that he is worthy of love.

When we, as humans can turn around the mirror of seeking for love, and start shining that love into the center of our own hearts, we begin to heal.

We begin to look for patterns of how loved we actually are instead of patterns of neglect.

The avoidant parts can start seeing how it’s actually safe to let someone in to love them.

And… if someone revokes their love or leaves us… it can still hurt.

But it doesn’t have to knock your inherent worthiness and deserving ness of LOVE.

Because you are a divine being connected to all that is… infinitely connected to the creator Source.

And when one can Source that from within… well women are DRAWN TO THE MAGNET OF YOUR HEART ❤️

How does the theme of worthiness play in your life?



Lauren, founder of Love Angel Coaching

💜I help heart-centered humans heal and create new patterns of safety & belonging so they can truly thrive in sex, & love. http://www.awakenederos.com/