What becomes apparent in the healing journey is…


✨Part of the journey of healing one’s s*xuality is decolonizing the body. ✨

⚪️Reclaiming all of your body parts as holy, divine, and part of the fabric of perfect creation.

🟠Reclaiming your cock as an instrument of God.

🔴Honoring the womb as a birthplace of creation.

🟢It’s having an embodied experience of truly loving your Self.

🟣Just the way you are, Right now.

🌍Knowing you are worthy to have a place in this world, because you exist within it.

❌Not needing to posture, prove, or strive to reach something outside of you.

🌍Because, when you truly drop into the depth of your being, you realize it is ALL inside of you. 🌍

🎆We are infinite beings, we come from wholeness, and no matter how many times you cut creation, it is always whole.

🌖We are never truly separate from this wholeness.

✡️What becomes apparent in the healing journey is having EMBODIED GNOSIS- that you are

✡️Whole Holy, Worthy and Complete just as you are.

🖤You are worthy of your own love.

🪐You are worthy of all the love in the universe.

💗You are worthy of love from the feminine.

💙You are worthy of love from the masculine.

For that is what you are.

➡️Then action/creation/service becomes an expression of wholeness, not a chasing of the carrot.

✅It’s time to arrive.

Right here. Right now.

Full, in this moment.

For there isn’t anything outside of

This moment.

This breath.

The more we can ALL anchor into this truth, we begin to dismantle the colonial stronghold on our body, our pleasure, our worthiness, our choices and our actions.

What does this inspire within you?



Lauren, founder of Love Angel Coaching

💜I help heart-centered humans heal and create new patterns of safety & belonging so they can truly thrive in sex, & love. http://www.awakenederos.com/