What does it actually mean to be in the KING archetype?


Firstly, I see the King energy to be an exalted consciousness- it connects you to your higher self, to the cosmos, to higher intelligence, to the Divine.

Being aligned with the archetype of the King is being aligned with your highest purpose, in devotional service, but very much aligned with your VALUES.

A King functions within the compass of his heart, that leads and guides his decisions, the way he shows up, who he serves and how he serves.

Have you ever defined what your True North is- that if everything in your life was aligned to this- that you know you’re headed in the right direction?

We know we can’t sail across the ocean with vision alone- you need a worthy craft and ores that keep you on track.

What makes the boat unsinkable is the value of INTEGRITY.

This seals the holes of your ship, it sets you up for longevity, and allows you to go much further than if you were functioning out of integrity.

Perhaps Integrity is your True North-

What would you put to the east of you that would propel you towards your vision?

Ideas could be; self-awareness, compassion, drive, courage, purpose, groundedness, patience, wisdom…

What would be to the west of you- perhaps it’s inclusion, cooperation, building tribe, brining others with you on your journey- as it’s no fun to go alone.

And what would be the south anchor in your compass?

I invite you to draw a compass on a piece of paper and include the 4 cardinal directions- perhaps if you cannot choose just 4 of your primary values that lead your life, then put in NE, SE, SW, and NW- so you have a total of 8.

But…. my King- what matters most is what is in the MIDDLE of your compass- which permeates everything you do.

And that is your Loving Awareness.

For a King is truly guided by his Heart, and to be guided by your heart requires a high level of attunement.

Of feeling and listening for what is beneath the surface, both in yourself, in others, and in any situation you find yourself in.

Infuse your Integrity with Love.

Your Courage with Love.

Your Purpose and Service with Love.

Your Discernment with Love.

And this Love is also directed at the Self. It is your healing power that soothes and brings your back to center. That infuses you with confidence and self esteem.

That allows you to follow your own guidance, regardless of what other people think.

If you are anchored in yourself, and you are not looking for outside approval.

The King Energy is about truly sitting in your Throne, knowing that all is contained and found in your holy seat.

This is the original asana in yoga.

When you take your seat, aligned with your Root, Heart and Crown, you are whole. You are complete. You are connected with all that is.

And THAT is a wildly magnetic and attractive place to draw in that which you desire. Including a loving partner.

More on that next….



Lauren, founder of Love Angel Coaching

💜I help heart-centered humans heal and create new patterns of safety & belonging so they can truly thrive in sex, & love. http://www.awakenederos.com/