✨Women crave your Embodied Presence — Why this is the crucial first step to Authentic S.exual Confidence ✨

👑So you’ve heard about Tantra, and you are curious to learn more.

👑You’ve read The Power of Now and you think you’re on your way to becoming a present, awakened man and lover.

👉🏽The first step to being truly embodied and present is to connect with your heart, emotions, sensations and vulnerability. Huge step. But massive self-connection starts here!

👉🏽Reconcile parts of the false self, old conditioning, and old patterns that are stuck in the body, and breathe loving awareness into them. All parts of you are looking for unconditional love and acceptance.

👉🏽This process is an ever unfolding journey, but if you want to be truly present — that means having access to your True Self.

👉🏽It means shedding old definitions of what it means to be a man, including opening up to being truly vulnerable and feeling emotions.

👉🏽It means releasing religious conditioning around sexuality

👉🏽It means healing your core wound, or at least in the process of tending to it.

✅From there you can develop embodied presence (the ability to be awake and alive in every cell of your body, available for intimacy, vulnerability, as well as reading/dancing with another’s body in s3x and intimacy) through many different modalities.

✅It’s about bringing the awareness in your mind (A Shiva like quality) down and into your body (Shakti the feminine principle.)

Other modalities to embodied presence:

✨Body-mind awareness: Getting to know sensations and emotions you’re feeling in your own body, so you can better sense and feel what is going on in you lover’s body. From there you can develop attunement- deeply empathizing and being with the changes of the present moment with another person.

✨Yoga and meditation- yet this depends on the state of your awareness and what you’re focusing on. Vipassana is rooted in tracing sensation and highly effective at developing embodied presence.

✨Dance!!! This is a way to bring fun and play into your spiritual practice, to allow music to move your soul and to express emotions!

To your Embodied Awakening,




Lauren, founder of Love Angel Coaching

💜I help heart-centered humans heal and create new patterns of safety & belonging so they can truly thrive in sex, & love. http://www.awakenederos.com/