You get to create your Kingdom


Hey King,

You get to create the Kingdom in which you want to exist in.

Firstly your Kingdom consists of your body, emotions, thoughts, and sensations. With your own perception, you get to shape how you relate to yourself; what you believe about yourself; how you handle your emotions, and what you want to create from this vessel.

Now, men in our society aren’t taught how to fully inhabit themselves, especially their emotions. You might have an unprocessed trauma, or many, and all of that gets bottled up inside blocking access to your true self.

And that true self is your magical gateway to a more fulfilling life, as well as a deeply enriching sex life.

Your true self, shining from your own inner worthiness and confidence, is what she truly craves.

She (your ideal lover) wants ALL OF YOU. She wants access to your full heart, which is a gateway to an entire universe of love.

She wants to feel the fullness of herself, stretched in her fullest
erotic essence, with you, because of you, inspired by you.

And.. you want that too!

So.. Why aren’t you experiencing the depth of sexual bliss that you
deeply desire?

I’m sure if you knew the answer to that question, you would have solved this puzzle already!

It’s because you haven’t taken the journey from your head to your heart, down to your cock.

You haven’t taken the time to fully embody all that you are, and let go of all that you are not.

You haven’t taken the time to put YOU FIRST…you haven’t been given permission to process through a lifetime of emotions that have piled up.

You haven’t taken the time to breathe deeply into all parts of yourSELF, and LOVE all the parts of you that have been rejected, pushed aside, or made wrong.

You haven’t taken the time to fully claim your Inner Kingdom.

Sure, you’ve prioritized building an outer Kingdom; you may have even had great financial success.

But if you keep denying that attracting and keeping a radiant Queen is an INSIDE JOB, then nothing is going to truly change the pattern that you’ve been stuck in.

The pattern of being a “Nice Guy”

The pattern of always doing things for others, but not for yourself.

The pattern of thinking if you show up how others want you to, you’ll finally be loved and accepted.

Except that.. never gets you the love and respect you truly need and crave.

So, I invite you on the deepest inner journey of your life.

The journey of inner wholeness; which in turn brings greater sexual intimacy and relationship life.

Sure, it will never be “perfect”, but don’t die not trying to create what you truly desire and deserve.

Do you want to find out what that journey would look like for you?

Send me a message and we can have a conversation, maybe the most real one of your life.

Maybe you’ll gain some clarity and insight- and understand yourself better.

Because having a soul-satisfying sex and relationship life isn’t about learning tips and tricks.

It’s about being the best version of YOU. It’s about owning your Inner and Outer Kingdom.

It’s about breathing inner Wholeness into all parts of you.

It’s KNOWING in your bones that your authenticity is the greatest Aphrodisiac on Earth.

Owning, claiming, being ALL OF YOU, KING.

Are you next?



Lauren, founder of Love Angel Coaching

💜I help heart-centered humans heal and create new patterns of safety & belonging so they can truly thrive in sex, & love.